Make Money With Private Label Rights

Make Money With Private Label Rights

This might be the easiest and best way to make money from your blog!

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No, this is not affiliate marketing! It’s Private Label Rights, PLR for short. PLR:

— does NOT require you to make your own product

— does NOT involve affiliate marketing

— does NOT involve making money from ads

— does NOT depend on building a list (although that helps)

I don’t see many bloggers try this out, or even know about it!

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So, what is this, anyway??  My pleasure to explain:

We all know of products that people make. These might be courses, ebooks, videos and more. Some people make physical products such as tee-shirts and mugs. With any of these however, someone (such as yourself) went through the effort of “creating” the product. It’s alot of work!

That’s why many of us turn to affiliate marketing to sell those products. It takes the creation burden off us, and lets us make money on a commission basis by selling those products. All good! But…
PLR is different. With PLR you buy a product and then can re-brand it to be your own. This means you can put your name on it as the author! Then you can sell it, have others sell it for you (you have affiliates working for you!), and essentially do whatever you want with it, such as:

  • Give it away as a freebie to help build an email list
  • Sell it as if it is your own product (there are PLR offerings in nearly every niche)
  • Use it to create blog posts
  • Use it as the source material to make videos
  • Create a course from it
  • And whatever else you can imagine

For Example…

Here’s a scenario of how this works….
Jane is a yoga teacher. She writes an eBook about beginning yoga. This is her product, she owns it and can do as she pleases with it.
Jane puts the eBook for sale on her site. Some of her students buy it. She makes some money from it, and it’s a steady small income stream.

But now she also makes it available as a PLR product. She sells it, with PLR rights, to other yoga instructors. The other instructors now have the rights to do as they wish with it as listed above in the bullet points. They can edit if they need to, put their name as the author, and sell it to their students.

Jane now has two income streams from her product. Selling it outright as a product she owns, and also selling as a PLR product.
Pretty neat! One product, with more than one way to sell it. There’s a bit more to learn about all this, but this is basically what it is.

I hope your head is not spinning from this!

Let’s look at another example.

You are starting a new blog on Essential Oils.

However, you don’t like to write. How do you get some blog posts? You can outsource the writing. This is a long process as you must hire a writer, wait for them to finish, and perhaps you ask for some edits. This could take 1-2 weeks, maybe longer.

So… instead you buy a PLR pack on Essential Oils. The pack contains 10 articles, some social media images, and perhaps other items. You take the articles and make your blog posts from them. Now we are talking about having your blog posts up in hours, not days or weeks!

Want to see? Click here and see an actual Essential Oils PLR pack.

Get Started

Many PLR packs come with more than the content. Often, they contain the graphics you need to re-brand it to yourself. You put your name on as the author. You edit the material and put your name (or company name) on it. You alter the graphics to include your name, or even change the image. In fact just make your own image. All of this is allowed.

Mentioned above is the permission to resell it or give it away. Imagine this… you rebrand a PLR product you bought, and then give it away as the incentive for people to sign up for your email list. This is often called the “freebie” or the “lead magnet”.

And that is one of the great things about PLR products. You buy them, then rebrand them (easy to do), and sell them, or give them away, as your own product. Isn’t’ that the goal for many of us – to sell our own products? Sure it is!

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