Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Affiliate Marketing – How Much Can You Really Make?

Affiliate marketing done right turns your blog into a money machine. I know, that sounds like a canned line from some salesman’s book of tricks. But I got to tell ya – it’s true! And there is no limit to what you can earn. Some bloggers make lunch money. Other bloggers make enough to pay the rent or the mortgage. And yet even more bloggers make unbelievable amounts of money. You can do this too. The sky’s the limit!

I am not going to say it’s easy peasy, or that you can earn riches overnight. You need to work for it, like any other money making endevour. One thing for sure is to use a disclosure, like this one…

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more info

I recently took the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course by Michelle Schroeder-Gardner. If you don’t know about Michelle and her wildly successful Making Sense of Cents blog, then sit down and wrap your mind around this. Michelle makes $100,000 per month. Yes, Per Month! That’s over a million dollars a year! The bulk of her income is from – you guessed it – affiliate marketing!

Affiliate marketing offers these advantages:

  • Your blog can make money on autopilot (meaning you could sleeping and sales are being made).
  • The more traffic you drive to your site, the more you can earn.
  • There are many products and services you can be an affiliate for.

Important to know – your readers are not charged extra for any sales you make. What I mean is – if you use an affiliate link of mine to purchase a product or service, I make a commission, but you do not spend anything extra. In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is not a scammy spammy bowl of soup. You are doing your readers a favor by letting them know about something of interest, at no additional charge.

Affiliate Marketing Basics

Maybe I am getting ahead of myself. I have been doing this a long time. I need to slow down and explain the basics – so here we go!

1) An affiliate marketer (what you will be) is like a middleman (or middlewoman). You are the bridge between the vendor (the person or company that makes the product or service), and the customer.

2) You sign up with companies that offer affiliate programs. And they are all over the place! The ones you choose should be in line with your specialty, or your niche. Some affiliate companies cover many niches. We’ll get to all this a bit further into this post.

3) You “promote” the product or service. How? Most likely you will do this directly on your web site, in a blog post just like this one. Another popular method is to have an email list that you market to – but that’s another discussion for another day. Yet another way is via social media – Facebook, Twitter, etc.

4) You have unique links to affiliate products or services. These links carry your affiliate id, so if a customer buys, you will earn a commission.

5) Each affiliate company gives you an affiliate id. You don’t have just one that works for all the companies you sell for.

In Michelle’s course you learn all these basics of course. And then you learn the extra tips and techniques she uses to be so uber successful. Really, I’d be happy to earn a tenth of what she does. Is that possible? Of course!

Here are some things to consider:

Know your niche (parenting, health, exercise, lose weight, cooking, money management – etc. etc. etc.!) Do you have a blog focused on your niche or passion? Great! The next step is called “monetizing.” Simply put, this begs the question – “How will my blog make money?”

In order to make this thing fly, you need to know some expert tips, such as:

  • How to make your affiliate links look friendly
  • How to comply with FTC rules (easy to do!)
  • How to open accounts with companies
  • How to drive traffic to your blog
  • How reviews can bring in affiliate income

… and there are many more tips and techniques to use in your affiliate marketing journey.

Simple Steps

Let’s put this into a simple strategy.

1) Learn about affiliate marketing (Michelle’s course).
2) Open accounts with vendors.
3) Use your creativity to bring customers to your social media account and/or your blog.

It is NOT complicated. If you are brand new to this, there are a few things to learn. If you know a bit about this, then this helps to fill in the gaps of what you know.

If you have already had some affiliate sales, then you know how sweet it can be.

And then it’s time to up your game! The sky’s the limit.

Earlier I promised a list of potential companies to be an affiliate for, so here goes:

Amazon. Amazon has the associates program. You promote any of their products (which includes everything imaginable) and earn a commission. A key thing about Amazon’s program – when you send someone to their website via your affiliate link, you earn a commission on anything they buy. Not just the product you sent them for.

Target. Yes, the retail chain has an affiliate program. Send people there from your link and earn commissions.

Share-A-Sale. This is one of the umbrella type affiliate marketing companies. Once you join with them, you then sign up with other companies they promote. Many of these are major household brands.

Clickbank. This is a site that has many products – all digital (ebooks, video training, etc). I have had much success here selling some interesting items such as a potty training course and a book publishing course.

Sunfrog. They call themselves the “Largest Online T-Shirt Platform In The World” Being an affiliate here is really cool! Others create t-shirt designs (way past my art ability), and others sell them as affiliates. I have earned money here.

ibotta. The popular phone app that lets you earn money while you shop.

Even Etsy has an affiliate program!

Ready to make money?

The Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course leave no stone unturned. You will learn everything you need to know.

What Michelle teaches in Module 2 (dozens of affiliate programs) and Module 5 (strategies) are priceless.

I learned a great tip in Module 3 about something I should have been doing all these years selling affiliate products.

Well, check it out for yourself. See if this is right for you. Click here to see more details. There is no obligation to take a look.

One closing note – when you take Michelle’s course, you then have the opportunity to become an affiliate for her course. Naturally that is what I have done here. I found her course immensely helpful. In a way I am representing Michelle. (Thanks Michelle!)

I wish you all the success in the world! Affiliate marketing is one of the leading ways to earn a living from a blog. Take action and join the thousands of other bloggers making money.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

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