Design Your Pinterest Pin with Canva

Design Your Pinterest Pin with CanvaHey all,

In case you haven’t heard of Canva (, it is a great web site for creating your visuals. There are templates for just about every type of social media need. One of them is for Pinterest pins. In this tutorial I show how I made a pin. I do this step by step, so grab your coffee, tea, or whatever and come see how it’s done.

By the way, the pin I create here is on Pinterest and may have been the one that brought you here! Kind of a circular idea that makes my brain spin (my husband does better with that!)

Sign Up with Canva

Of course the first thing you need to do is sign up to use Canva. It’s free! Can’t beat that. Head on over to Canva and sign up. The sign up screen looks like this:

Selecting a Template

Next, once you are in your account, you select a template. As you can now see there are many to choose from! One of them is called Pinterest Graphic. It creates a frame sized to 735 x 1102 – which is perfect for a vertical pin.

Once you click on the template icon, the designer opens up with the frame ready to go. It will probably open with “layouts” selected on the left. These pre-made visuals are ready for you to use. You could select one (the frame would then display it) – and then you could alter it to fit your needs.

In this tutorial I am not using a pre-made layout. Instead I build up the pin image. First thing is to select Elements on the left. This displays different categories to select from – Free Photos, Grids, etc. Click on Free Photos. (FYI- not all the photos are free, but many are and you see the free ones first.)

Selecting a photo for the background

I use a photo for the background. To select one scroll down through the photos till you see one that is useful for your pin. For my pin I selected one that shows the sea and the a sky with clouds. Kind of dramatic looking! When I click on it on the left, it appears on my frame on the right.

Initially it is smaller than the frame. Is this a problem? No! Notice how the photo has little round doodads on the corners (these are often called handles). Just click on one and you can drag with your mouse to resize the photo. You can do this on all the corners, or whatever works best for the image you selected. Here is what mine looks like after dragging it to fit my frame.

Adding Text

Next, click on the big T (Text) on the left. A slew of text layouts appears. There are many text templates to choose from. If you see one you like, go for it! My approach is to just use one of the three defaults at top (Add heading, Add subheading, Add a little bit of body text). All of the choices leads to completely customizable text anyway. I just select one such as the large Add heading or medium sized Add subheading, and then resize it, change the color, change the font, etc. to suit my needs.

Case in point. As I start to add text, I selected “Add heading” a text box with those very words is dropped onto my working image.

I then click on it and change it to say what I need. I also can change the font and the size. With the text box selected, in the tools area on top are the choices for font size, and color (with other choices such as bold, etc.). The next picture shows the result of taking a text box, changing the size to 64, and changing the font to Courgette – you can see this in the drop down choice of fonts. Also to move the text box, hover the mouse over it, near the border of the text box, until the pointer appears like 4 arrows. Click and hold – and now you can move the text box around. I moved mine to the top.

My first line of text is complete.

More text is added by adding more text boxes (by clicking on a text choice on the left). This is one approach. You could have just one text box and press the enter key to have multiple lines. Here though, I have 3 distinct text boxes, all using the Courgette font, but each set to a different size.

The last piece of text to be added is the actual word “Canva.” A text box is added like already shown. This time the Arimo font is used. The text needs to be red. This is done by selecting the color picker, as shown here.

After a bit of fine positioning and getting the text sizes just right, here is what the pin look like at this point

The last thing I add is branding. I use a smaller font and a color that will stand out from the background and put the words “get real money smart” in the lower left of the image. The pin is complete!

Downloading the Pin

Almost done! All that is left is to download the pin. Click the Download button on the upper right. This opens a popup with a choice of file type before the download. I just keep the recommended PNG format.

Click the Download button in the popup, and Canva saves the image to your computer


Canva is a powerful web based image processing program. There is much more you can do. For example you can upload your own images to use. You can work with layers. You can set transparency. And much more. It is not hard to learn and can take care of all your graphic needs!

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