Save Money by Cutting Out The Little Things

A soda for $1.25. A cup of coffee for $1.50. 75 cents for the newspaper. Sounds too little to think about, doesn't it? Well, think again, and wrap your thoughts around how these little expenditures add up. You can save money by cutting out these little daily indulgences.

Coffee is a mainstay at most jobs. Some employers have a free coffee benefit. Many do not. You chip in, or perhaps just have to go down to the store in the lobby for your cup of java. Say you have two cups of coffee each day at work. Perhaps that is $3.00 per day. Assuming a reasonable figure of 230 working days in a year, that adds up to a whopping $690! That's a vacation that you are slowly drinking away! Instead, make coffee at home and bring a thermos; or buy a small coffee maker to have on your desk. You won't get the cost down to zero but you will reduce it by at least 75%. You could save about $500 per year. Think in annual terms!



While we are what we drink at work, let's look at the other biggie - soda. A can of soda bought in a vending machine might be $1.25. Drink 3 of those babies each day and what will you end up spending? Again thinking in annual terms, you would be looking at shelling out $862.50 (1.25 x 3 x 230). And that is money out of your pocket, after taxes. In order to have $862.50 to spend you likely need to earn around $1000. It would be a great financial gain if you bought soda when grocery shopping and brought soda with you to work. This will likely save hundreds of dollars per year.

Yes, these little things add up! We started thinking in annual terms about a number of things. Eating out is a huge one. Still at work - what about lunch? Those who buy lunch every day might spend about $6 each day. Let's do the math. $6 times 230 = $1380, net dollars. You would have to earn perhaps $1700 for this! Whoa, take lunch to work. What could you do with an extra $1380. Vacation, gifts, pay off debt, etc.

The point is to take a really good look at what you spend. We tend to focus on our big expenses. Yet as shown, the small expenditures really add up and you can save money by cutting down on them! Take a few minutes and think of what you buy daily that you could bring from home. It may surprise you. It certainly shocked us when we began to think of what we spend. And we are grateful we did!

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